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Costa Rica Weather is beautiful year round depending on your location in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Weather and Climate

The weather and climate in most regions of Costa Rica have a rainy season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. Annual rainfall averages 100 inches nationwide with some mountainous regions getting as much as 25 feet on exposed eastern slopes.

Weather and Temperature

Weather and Temperature is more a matter of elevation than location with a mean of around 72 degrees in the Central Valley, 82 degrees on the Atlantic coast and 89 degrees on the Pacific coast Costa Rica is divided by a backbone of volcanoes and mountains which are an extension of the Andes-Sierra Madre chain running along the west side of the Americas and have a great deal to do with the weather.

Costa Rica is part of the Pacific "Rim of Fire" and has seven of the isthmus's 42 active volcanoes plus dozens of dormant or extinct cones. Earth tremors and small quakes shake the country from time to time.

Costa Rica Weather Live

Here is a live weather forcast for the weather in Quepos, for weather forcasts for other areas just click on the link for weather below.

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