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River Fishing Costa Rica, rivers that are fed by numerous tributaries and literally hundreds of small creeks and streams. Most of these watersheds and rivers are small in area geographically, but have many great opportunities to fish all along the river.

Pacific Lowlands River Fish

Once the river reach the lowlands they are bigger, wider and calmer and are home to an interesting mix of river species.

It is in these river waters that Snook usually reach their limits of inland migration and where Machaca and Roncador also reach their limits of seaward travel down the river.

Some of the bigger river specimens of each species can be encountered in the river so this is typically bigger rod and heavy shock/bite tippet territory.

These river fisheries are usually worked from driftboats and on foot due to the quiet, serene nature of the environment and the wary, spooky traits of the larger river fish that inhabit the area.

Jonboats with 4 stroke outboards are used only seasonally when longer distances have to be traveled down the river. Lowland river trips are done on the Rio Savegre, Naranjo, Parrita, Paquita, Guavo, Baru, and many other smaller creeks and canals.

Caribbean Lowlands River Fish

Cruising the canals, river and backwaters of the Caribbean coast can produce an amazing selection of diverse river fish species.

It is common in the river in one day to catch numerous fish including Mojarra, Machaca, Snook and Guapote and get chances at rolling Tarpon. Bes seasons to fish are April to June and August to October depending on weather conditions and river water levels.

These river trips are normally done as Package Trips in combination with river fishing as well as 4 to 6 days of in-shore fishing where Lodging is provided. Single day river trips are also available.

Fishing is done in the river from small lightweight aluminum and fiberglass river skiffs with one or two anglers and a guide.


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