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Fishing Charters Costa Rica usually include Offshore Fishing on the list of things to do. Offshore fishing in Costa Rica offers the following Species of Fish hat you can try your luck at.

Costa Rica Offshore Fish


quepos fishing blue marlinThe largest and most sought after Fishing Charters Costa Rica game-fish. Those lucky enough to fight and land one of these monsters will have a fisherman’s tale worth listening too. Famous for its strength and acrobatic jumps, a marlin fight can last for hours. Blue marlin are the most common of all marlin found in Costa Rica’s waters, though black marlin and even the occasional striped marlin are hooked often enough. While normally in the 150-500 lb range, several have been lucky enough to fight marlin over 900 lbs.


quepos fishing black marlinThe black marlin is very similar to the blue marlin and can be found in the same 70-85 degree tropical Fishing Charters Costa Rica waters. Although they are found in the same areas and feed on the same baitfish, the black marlin typically weighs just a bit more than the blues. Black marlin are very dense, round fish and can reach up to 15 feet in length. Like the blue marlin the females are the largest with males ranging in the 200-500 lb


quepos fishing pacific sailfishAn extremely acrobatic and fast fish, the sailfish is a staple of Fishing Charters Costa Rica in Costa Rica. Once hooked, a sailfish will spend half of the fight out of the water twisting and turning as you try to maintain tension on the line. Found in huge numbers all over the country, this trophy fish is on the wish list of almost every angler. Sailfish are so abundant here that it is not uncommon to get two hooked at the same time.


quepos fishing mahi-mahiThis colorful and acrobatic fish is a favorite Fishing Charters Costa Rica game fish all over the Americas. While small Dorado’s can be found in-shore around islands and by river mouths the big, hard-fighting bulls are found off-shore. Once hooked high leaps and lengthy tail walks are a common sight. A colorful and delicious fish, landing a Dorado is a bonus because you get a great fight and even better meal out of it. Dorado over 50 lbs are frequently caught here.


quepos fishing yellow fin tunaOne of the strongest Fishing Charters Costa Rica fish in the sea, once hooked you’ll see why people refer to tuna as a ‘ball of muscle’. Though not known for its jumping ability, the hard and constant runs will test anybody’s strength. The fight may wear you out, but once landed this makes for a great meal when you get back to your hotel. While the most commonly hooked tuna are ‘football’ sized, several yellow fin upwards of 200-300 lbs have been landed here.


quepos fishing wahooWithout much of an argument, Fishing Charters Costa Rica anglers and experts agree the Wahoo is the fastest fish in the ocean. Even though they are found all over the country, they usually travel alone so catching one is always a pleasant surprise. With fast, scorching runs the only thing that is better than the fight is the fish itself. Because of its elusiveness, the Wahoo is a true delicacy among fisherman. Trolling with live bait is your best bet when trying to catch this speedy, intelligent fish.


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