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Costa Rica or "rich coast" is a small country in Central America, between Panama and Nicaragua. Costa Rica comprises of approximately 190700sq. miles (51100sq. km) and boasts many micro climates as the highest point is 12530' (3819m) and some of the coastline communities are actually below sea level.

Costa Rica is home to a great diversity in both flora and fauna and has an amazing 25% of the country as protected National Parks.


Fishing here in Costa Rica is a treat for any traveling angler, available options to Fish are:

Fishing here will make you wish you could move here, Offshore Fishing is amazing year round with Blue, Black and Striped Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, Mahi Mahi ( Dorado), Yellow fin Tuna, Wahoo and many more Offshore Fish.

In Shore Fishing here is just as good, however it is better in the summer months December - May as the lack of rain lets the water et nice and clean. In shore fishing will let you do battle with Rooster fish, Snook and many other In shore Fish.


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